“WASEKATSU”– Japanese Traditional Cuisine –

The origin of “Wasekatsu” is the schnitzel (cutlet) that a Japanese chef learned to make during his culinary training in Germany 100 years ago, which he adapted into a bowl of rice.

“Wasekatsu” is a traditional Japanese dish that pays homage to katsudon, a bowl of rice topped with Worcestershire sauce.

The hot and crunchy fried batterr obtained after dipping the batter into hot oil will surely awaken your appetite.

“Katsudon” exists outside of Japan, but “wasekatsu” is different.

It is not dipped in egg, so the crunchy texture continues and is very stylish.

There are not many places in Japan where you can eat it.

Let’s eat this Japanese traditional dish only available here in Nihonbashi.

※Rice and side dishes, like meat, fish, or vegetables, are usually served separately, but instead, in Donburi dishes, they are served in one oversized bowl.
“Donburi” is a general term for a Japanese rice bowl dish. Depending on the ingredients it has, it gets a specific name.
For instance, if it has rice and deep-fried pork on it, it is called “Katsu-Don”. Don is an abbreviation for Donburi.